On-site Service and Repair

Weltrans, Inc is well known for the ability to perform fast 24hr emergency service around the globe. Time is of
the essence when it comes to drives and 25 years of experience in the field will give you professional help when
needed. Weltrans Inc. is working with the best contractors in the business and will have an emergency team
ready for you quickly.

Weltrans Inc. also offers a wide variety of on-site services that has helped many costumers save time and money
by early detection of problems.

Amarillo Gear
SEW drives
Custom design drives
Link Belt
Philadelphia Gear
General Electric
Horsburgh & Scott
Weltrans Inc. has repaired many types of O.E.M drives including but not limited to:
Vibration analysis:
Our trained team will measure and analyse the actual condition of your drive and give you a detailed report
with recommendations.
Laser Alignment:
Precision motor and drive alignment
Commissioning of new drives:
Installation and start-up (interlocking system)
Problem solving

The report will also include a detailed quote and list of all parts needed to repair the gearbox. Weltrans, Inc. is
known to have excellent connections with the OEM in supplying all necessary parts quickly.

All drives will undergo thorough testing on our test stand where the unit will be run under near operating

After the repair of the drive, Weltrans Inc. will install your gearbox if requested and align the drive and motor
professionally with laser equipment.

Bearing bore dimensions
Shaft seal conditions
Lubrication system condition
General condition
Cause of failure
Bearing and gear condition
Bearing fit dimensions
Weltrans Inc. is experienced and ready to serve your company with the repair of a wide variety of all major OEM brands. Our in house services start from simple tasks such as bearing and gear replacements to complete overhaul and reengineering of your drive. Gearboxes that are sent to our facility will be inspected and disassembled by one of our trained service technician who will record the data of the drive components and establish a technical report. The report, depending on the drive design, will include information’s such as:
In house repair
Areas of Service
Areas of Service